Protocol for the Standing Committee on Communications

Protocol for the Standing Committee on Communications (SCC) of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO)


The ADHO Standing Committee on Communications (SCC) is responsible for overseeing ADHO’s outreach and communications activities.


The committee will advise on ADHO’s overall communications strategies and provide guidance on how to improve its web site, social media presence, and visibility as an inclusive, diverse organization. The Standing Committee on Communications is charged with the following specific duties:

  1. To draft policies related to communications, including transparency, privacy and social media
  2. To evaluate ADHO’s web site with an eye towards usability, accessibility and responsive design
  3. To provide guidance on ADHO’s social media presence
  4. To ensure the flow of smooth information among ADHO’s constituent organizations, publications, special interest groups, and membership .
  5. To scan both emerging communications technologies in ADHO-related fields and trending topics in and among other related groups (such as HASTAC) that we might wish also to reflect in some way in ADHO communications activities

So that ADHO’s outreach and communications efforts are robust and sustained, ADHO shall appoint up to three ADHO Communications Fellows, who will receive a small annual honorarium to recognize their work. Typically Communications Fellows will be young scholars committed to outreach and interested in getting involved with ADHO. The Communications Fellows will work with the Communications Officer on updating the web site, writing and disseminating news and announcements, and maintaining a strong social media presence. Fellows will be selected through an open call, aiming particularly for gender, geographical, and linguistic diversity.


Standing members include:

  • Committee Chair (appointed by ADHO SC)
  • a member nominated by each of ADHO’s constituent organizations
  • a maximum of two additional members who will be co-opted by the committee at its own discretion
  • opt-in ex officio appointments:
    • Chair, Infrastructure Committee
    • Membership Officer
    • Publications Chair
    • Publications Liaison
    • Secretary or Deputy Secretary

In addition to its regular members, the communications committee will invite the Program Committee and each of ADHO’s Special Interest Groups to appoint a liaison. These liaisons will be responsible for providing relevant information (such as announcements and news items) to the SCC and for helping to distribute information to their constituents


  1. The annual cycle of the SCC is considered to run from the end of one annual ADHO conference to the end of the next.
  2. The SCC will meet at the annual ADHO conference to set the agenda for the upcoming year. If there is a change in Chair, this meeting will include both the past Chair and the new one if both can attend.
  3. The SCC will conduct its business during the year by e-mail and, if necessary, by conference call.
  4. The Chair of the SCC will formally request the ADHO member organizations to review their representation once a year, at or before the annual conference.
  5. The Chair should report in writing to the Steering Committee before its mid-term and annual meetings.

Annual cycle

  1. September-October: The SCC will conduct its annual review of the ADHO web site.
  2. January: The SCC Chair will report in writing to the Steering Committee.
  3. April: The SCC Chair will request the member organizations to review their representation on the SCC and communicate to the Chair and/or Steering Committee if there are to be changes made at the annual conference. Further, the Chair will recruit new Fellows.
  4. May: The Chair of the SCC will report in writing to the Steering Committee.
  5. June-July: At the ADHO conference, the Chair may be asked to discuss the SCC’s report during the Steering Committee's meeting. During the annual ADHO conference, the SCC also meets, and at that meeting sets the agenda for the coming year.
  6. Ongoing: The SCC works on the agenda set at the annual meeting.

Resp: LS
Date: June 2013; Revised August 2013