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Become a Constituent Organization of ADHO:

Why should my organization become a member of ADHO?

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) promotes digital research and teaching across the humanities, serving as an umbrella organization for constituent organizations (COs) including The European Association for Digital Humanities (EADH)Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH)Canadian Society for Digital Humanities / Société canadienne des humanités numériques (CSDH/SCHN)centerNetAustralasian Association for Digital Humanities (aaDH), and Japanese Association for Digital Humanites (JADH).

We are dedicated to becoming a truly international organization and welcome regional and international digital humanities organizations to join us. Benefits of a constituent organization (CO) of ADHO include:

How does my organization join ADHO as a constituent organization?

To join ADHO as a constituent organization (CO), please contact the Steering Committee (adho-steering[at]lists[dot]digitalhumanities[dot]org) with an initial statement of interest. Following that, a member of the committee will be appointed to guide the new CO through the Admissions Protocol.



Who do I contact with questions about my organization joining ADHO?

For inquiries and guidance through the process of becoming a CO, please contact the ADHO Admissions Committee (web[at]digitalhumanities[dot]org).


Are there eligibility requirements for becoming an ADHO Constituent Organization?

From the Governance Protocol:   *** but note that these provisions may change in the next few months as part of a strategic review  by the ADHO Steering Committee of ADHO’s structure and operations ***

Nature and selection of ADHO constituents:

  1. ADHO is an association of Constituent Organizations.

  2. New Constituent Organizations will be admitted by unanimous vote of the ADHO Steering Committee.

  3. ADHO Constituent Organizations are focused on digital scholarship in the humanities.

  4. ADHO Constituent Organizations my be based on individual membership or on appropriately defined institutional membership.

  5. ADHO Constituent Organizations may include Associate Organizations, whose members are indirectly affiliated with ADHO via the Associate Organization's parent Constituent Organization.

  6. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) may be affiliated either with ADHO or with a particular Constituent Organization, as appropriate and as negotiated at the time of each SIG's approval.

  7. Affiliated organizations and activities may be designated on terms to be agreed between the applicant organisation and the Steering Committee.

How long does it take to become a Constituent Organization of ADHO?

There is no set timeline for a CO to become a member of ADHO. However, the steps for admittance usually take 2 to 3 years.


The admittance steps are:

  1. Expression of interest by the interested organisation to the ADHO Admissions Committee (AdC).
  2. A preliminary discussion involving one or more persons nominated by each party.
  3. Preparation of an initial application in collaboration with the ADHO AdC.
  4. Evaluation of the draft application by the ADHO AdC, with reference to the Steering Committee, including the preparation of one or more financial models showing the projected consequences  both for the applicatn associaton and for ADHO if the applicant organisation were admitted on the basis proposed in the draft application.
  5. Formal response from the ADHO AdC to the initial application, raising questions or proposing changes. At this or any subsequent stage, the ADHO SC may, on the recommendation of the AdC, invite the applicant organisation to nominate a representative to join the ADHO SC in a non-voting observer capacity.
  6. Iteration of steps 6.3 - 6.5 as many times as each party feels will be useful.
  7. Discussion between ADHO SC and Oxford University Press (OUP) on the implications for the OUP  admin system of admitting a new CO.
  8. Submission of final application by the AdC to the ADHO SC on behalf of the applicant organisation.
  9. Final decision of the ADHO SC. Ratification of the decision by the applicant organisation and by the existing ADHO COs.


Does ADHO have legal standing?

Yes, ADHO has legal standing as the Stichting ADHO Foundation (established in the Netherlands in 2013).


How is my organization represented in ADHO?

The Steering Committee (SC) is ADHO's governing body, and it votes to enact policies to the benefit of the organization and ADHO's Constituent Organizations (CO). The SC is composed of members of ADHO's COs and is led by a chair who is elected by the Steering Committee. A new CO will be invited to nominate members to the ADHO SC, and to the various standing committees. At the initial stage a single member will be nominated to the ADHO Steering Committee on the basis of a non-voting observer. Once the admissions process is complete, however, the number of members nominated will be determined by the revenue sharing calculations, as laid down in the ADHO Governance Protocol, and these will be full voting members.