Updates from centerNet

centerNet’s nominations committee prepared a balanced ballot based on geography, gender and language for the centerNetInternational Executive Council elections, currently in process.  The Nominations committee members were Jean Bauer (Chair, Princeton), Claire Clivaz (UNIL), Charles Muller (U of Tokyo), Walter Scholger (Graz) and Paul Spence (KCL).

Protocol for the Standing Committee on Communications

Protocol for the Standing Committee on Communications (SCC) of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO)


The ADHO Standing Committee on Communications (SCC) is responsible for overseeing ADHO’s outreach and communications activities.


The committee will advise on ADHO’s overall communications strategies and provide guidance on how to improve its web site, social media presence, and visibility as an inclusive, diverse organization. The Standing Committee on Communications is charged with the following specific duties:

CALL FOR HOSTS, DH 2017 and DH 2018

The ADHO Conference Coordinating Committee now invites proposals to host the following two DH conferences, in 2017 and 2018. Traditionally, the DH conference alternated only between North America and Europe, but a new protocol is meant to broaden the geographical distribution of ADHO events. DH 2015 is the first ADHO joint conference to be held in another region of the globe, and the 2016 conference will return to Europe. We therefore solicit proposals to host: DH 2017 anywhere in North America; and DH 2018 anywhere in the world, but with a strong preference for sites outside Europe and the US or Canada.


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