ADHO Conference Code of Conduct

Local Organizers are charged with making the long version of the Conference Code of Conduct available to attendees and easily findable.  Where appropriate, the short version can be publicized with a direct link to the longer version. Local Organizers are expected to discuss the code of conduct and local support for conference-goers with their staff and assistants, and to publicize clear and helpful information for attendees. They may therefore wish to seek advice and examples from past LOs or DH conference websites.

Admissions Protocol

ADHO : Alliance of Digital Humanities Organisations

Admission of new organisations

  1. Preamble
    This protocol is intended to provide a framework to guide the admission of new organisations as either (a) a Constituent Organisation or (b) an Affiliated Organisation.

  2. Constituent Organisations
    An organisation will be considered for admission as a Constituent Organisation (CO) of ADHO provided:

2013 Multi-lingualism & Multi-culturalism Annual Report

ADHO Standing Committee on Multi-Lingualism & Multi-Culturalism (SC MLMC)

Report on activities and matters arising

July 2012 - June 2013

Elisabeth Burr

1. Composition of the Committee

1.1 Meeting of SC on 17th July 2012 in Hamburg

At the meeting of the ADHO Steering Committee on June 17, 2012 in Hamburg it was de­cided that the Standing Committee on Multi-Lingualism & Multi-Culturalism (SC MLMC) would be composed as follows:


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