Redacted Minutes: ADHO Steering Committee Mid-year Conference Call for 2013-14

Redacted Minutes: ADHO Steering Committee Mid-year Conference Call for 2013-14.

March 5, 2014, 21:00 UTC


Bethany Nowviskie (BN)
Lisa Spiro (LS)
Kay Walter (KW)
Susan Brown (SB) for Michael Sinatra
Paul Arthur (PA)
Øyvind Eide (OE)
Harold Short (HS)
Jarom McDonald (JM)
John Nerbonne (JN)
Paul Spence (PS)
Glen Worthey (GW)
Stéfan Sinclair (SS)
Dan O’Donnell (DO)
Julia Flanders (JF)
Neil Fraistat (NF)
Ray Siemens (RS)

Policy decision with respect to the CfP

Discussion May / June 2013, approved 15th of June 2013 by the SC MLMC

As the MLMC sees the Call for proposals to the ADHO conferences as the most prominent medium to make clear that ADHO acknowledges the multi-lingual nature of its community, it strives to make sure, through the contribution of voluntary translators, that the Call addresses the ADHO community in as many of the languages spoken as mother tongues inside the community as possible.

ADHO Conference Code of Conduct

Local Organizers are charged with making the long version of the Conference Code of Conduct available to attendees and easily findable.  Where appropriate, the short version can be publicized with a direct link to the longer version. Local Organizers are expected to discuss the code of conduct and local support for conference-goers with their staff and assistants, and to publicize clear and helpful information for attendees. They may therefore wish to seek advice and examples from past LOs or DH conference websites.


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