On comparing and clustering the alternatives of love in Saadi's lyric poems (Ghazals)

AbstractLove is the most significant subject of mystical path. This study explores all lines of Saadi’s lyric poems. Different words applied as alternatives of love were classified in twelve categories. To compare the frequency of different categories and words that were used as alternatives of love, the chi-square goodness-of-fit test was separately used. Then, using K-means clustering method, these alternatives were clustered in three categories (high frequency, medium frequency, and low frequency).

Coca-Cola: An Icon of the American Way of Life. An Iterative Text Mining Workflow for Analyzing Advertisements in Dutch Twentieth-Century Newspapers

This article analyses advertisements to shed light on the ways in which the
Coca-Cola Company tried to shape the Dutch perception of an American way of life
and provided the discursive building blocks for the construction of a mental map
of America


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