Carlos Garcia-Zorita and Ana R Pacios, Topic modelling characterization of Mudejar art based on document titles, Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, doi:10.1093/llc/fqx055.

Do language combinations affect translators’ stylistic visibility in translated texts?

AbstractThe question of translators’ stylistic visibility in translated texts has been a recurring theme in translation studies. Recently, the employment of state-of-the-art stylometric methods such as multivariate statistical analysis or machine learning techniques has enabled important progress to be made in exploring the problem. Nevertheless, studies are conflicting in their findings. Some find evidence of translators’ stylistic presence, while others fail to do so.

Unsupervised identification of text reuse in early Chinese literature

AbstractText reuse in early Chinese transmitted texts is extensive and widespread, often reflecting complex textual histories involving repeated transcription, compilation, and editing spanning many centuries and involving the work of multiple authors and editors. In this study, a fully automated method of identifying and representing complex text reuse patterns is presented, and the results evaluated by comparison to a manually compiled reference work.


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