Policy decision with respect to the CfP

Discussion May / June 2013, approved 15th of June 2013 by the SC MLMC

As the MLMC sees the Call for proposals to the ADHO conferences as the most prominent medium to make clear that ADHO acknowledges the multi-lingual nature of its community, it strives to make sure, through the contribution of voluntary translators, that the Call addresses the ADHO community in as many of the languages spoken as mother tongues inside the community as possible.

It sees the activity of bringing together and coordinating such volunteers and of making sure that their contribution to the cultural and linguistic inclusiveness of ADHO is being valued, as a crucial way to involve new, and especially young, people in ADHO and to make them part of the larger community.

Regarding the minimum number of languages the Call for proposals needs to be available in, the MLMC proposes to take into account first of all the languages which are most spoken inside the community. The list of these languages is to be made known to the MLMC before the annual conference and is to be adapted every year in accord with the development of the community.

Should there be volunteers, as there have always been in the past, who are prepared to translate the Call into languages other than those on the list, their contribution should be welcomed and the language versions should be published on the web site as they become available.

Note: The available language versions of the Call are in no way binding for the working languages of the respective conference. These are stated in the Call.