Announcing the GeoHumanities Special Interest Group

We are pleased to announce the formation of a new ADHO Special Interest Group, GeoHumanities.  The vision for the GeoHumanities SIG began at the DH2013 conference in Lincoln, where a number of panels and papers addressed questions of place and geographic connections and contexts.  The intent of the SIG is to be inclusive of spatial, spatial-temporal and ‘placial’ perspectives, and the Geo-prefix for its name reflects geography’s traditional attention to all of these. 

The goals of the GeoHumanities SIG are to create a venue for pooling knowledge and best practices for relevant existing digital tools and methods, to foster the collaborative development of shared resources and new tools and extensions to geospatial software, and to keep humanist scholars at large informed about the possibilities and inherent pitfalls in their use.  To that end, a web site (, twitter account (@GeoHum_SIG) and listserv for the GeoHumanities SIG have been created to encourage and facilitate communication among members. Please consider subscribing to the listserv to stay informed as the SIG gets underway (subscribe here).

A copy of the proposal as approved by the ADHO steering committee is here. It was co-authored by Kathy Weimer (Texas A&M University) and Karl Grossner (Stanford) and co-signed by 15 individuals from 12 institutions in 4 countries.

The SIG encourages additional members from all fields and all regions of the globe, and it is in the process of establishing a small steering committee.  Joining the SIG is a simple process.  You can begin by clicking here.  All interested members are welcome to contribute ideas and help shape the SIG for shared benefit.