Conferences Sponsored by ADHO's Member Organizations and a Specal Interest Group

ADHO affiliates around the world will be sponsoring or co-sponsoring conferences in 2014. Check them out! They include:

  • Australasian Association for Digital Humanities (aaDH), “DHA2014: Expanding Horizons," University of Western Australia, Perth, WA, 18–21 March 2014,
  • Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum (DHd), "DH - methodischer Brückenschlag oder 'feindliche Übernahme'? Chancen und Risiken der Begegnung zwischen Geisteswissenschaften und Informatik," Universität Passau, 25-28 March 2014,
  • RedHD-GO::DH 2014, "2º Meeting of Humanistas Digitales: Digital Humanities in a Global Context," Biblioteca Vasconcelos, Mexico City, 21-23 May 2014,
  • 2014 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society For Digital Humanities / Société Canadienne Des Humanités Numériques, (CSDH-SCHN), "Digital Humanities Without Borders," 2014 Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, Brock University, Ontario, 26-28 May 2014,

And don't miss Digital Humanities 2014, which will take place 8-12 July 2014 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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