Read--and Listen--Up on the Down Under for DH 2015

Heading to Australia for Digital Humanities 2015, or wishing you were?  To help visitors get acquainted with Australian culture, Program Committee chair Deb Verhoeven has teamed up with friends on Facebook (who include novelists, editors, literature professors, filmmakers, screenwriters, academics, media producers and people who just like to read Australian books) to create a reading list and share two Spotify playlists. The notes below are from Deb (with occasional light editing). Enjoy!

Australian Music

  • Digital Humanities 2015 Sydney: This list focuses on music we didn’t think international guests would be familiar with. Mostly indie and mostly contemporary. It doesn’t include much electronic/dance music but if there’s interest that wouldn’t be hard to organise into a new playlist. I’ve tried to bias the list to songs that reference Sydney but it really needs to be said that Sydney is not the music capitol of Australia (just saying). This is a collaborative list so anyone can join in and the list will no doubt be constantly updated.
  • Great Southern Songs: This is a list compiled by my friend Peter Gravestock who plays in bands and it's basically a great a historical overview of powerhouse Australian hits. There are some real classics from the Australian charts in this list, some of which may be familiar to international visitors.

In terms of DH music resources (and I confess to a vested interest here), our website Ultimate Gig Guide (TUGG) captures historical live music gigs in Australia:

We did a great exercise in which we “songified” historical gig data and then performed the resulting songs live on stage. It's been written up here:

And more formally here:

Australian Literature

Online Australian literature resources:

And something for fun!,-study-says/