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Multi-Lingualism & Multi-Culturalism Committee

ADHO’s Standing Committee on Multi-Lingualism & Multi-Culturalism (MLMC) is charged with developing and promoting policies in ADHO and its constituent organizations that will help them to become more linguistically and culturally inclusive in general terms, and especially in the areas where linguistic and cultural matters play a role.

The areas in which policies on Multi-Lingualism and Multi-Culturalism will have an impact include:

  • The web sites of ADHO and its constituent organisations
  • The conferences of ADHO and its constituent organisations
  • The journals and other publications of ADHO and its constituent organisations
  • The call for papers for the annual conferences of ADHO and other conferences sponsored or supported by its constituent organisations
  • Reviews of conference and publication proposals

In all these areas, the objectives of the policies are:

  • to value the multilingual and multicultural character of the community
  • to reflect the multilingual and multicultural wealth of the community
  • to take the different academic cultures and norms into account
  • to ensure proposals are reviewed by culture- and language-sensitive reviewers


Updated May, 2024