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ADHO Establishes Working Group on Inclusivity

Inclusivity is a core value of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations and of the associations and communities of practice brought together under its umbrella.  However, like many projects in humanities computing, the creation of inclusive enabling structures within ADHO must remain a work in progress. This work requires: regular, careful, humble, honest self-examination; conscious efforts to create an environment of transparency and fair-dealing; and an inviting stance toward the input of under-represented groups or disciplines.

Today, ADHO has approved a new protocol establishing an ad hoc Working Group on Inclusivity. Such a group may, from time to time, be charged with projects that help the Alliance's standing and ad hoc committees examine their governing documents, public communications, and evolving customs. Its purpose is to promote the use of broadly inclusive language and participate in the development or refinement of policies, protocols, and informal practices meant to welcome more diverse constituencies to ADHO and strengthen the organization and field of digital humanities through their involvement.

The ADHO SC has charged Bethany Nowviskie (@nowviskie, or bethany at virginia dot edu) with developing and leading our inaugural Working Group on Inclusivity, which will move forward over the course of the coming year with attention to ADHO's governing documents and procedures. More details on the Working Group's immediate focus and invitations for public and private comment will be shared in September.