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CFP & Survey: DHCommons

Call for Projects

The editorial team of centerNet’s DHCommons journal is delighted to request submissions for its second and subsequent issues:


"We seek mid-stage digital projects who wish peer review and feedback that will contribute to the project’s development." 


"We especially hope to center our second issue on digital diversity: We conceive of 'diversity' to include diversity in project language, staff, academic subject, or goals, among other possibilities. DHCommons invites project statements in a wide variety of languages. We have an international Advisory Board and will work with authors towards finding reviewers in the language of submission whenever possible."


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Submission deadline: April 1, 2016


Call for Proposals: "How Did They Make That?" Section

"DHCommons Journal seeks procedural descriptions of how to launch and/or maintain an exemplary aspect of a stable digital project for potential publication in its second issue. We encourage you to emphasize in your submission a component of the project that came out particularly well and/or represented a significant challenge (e.g. data visualization, accessibility compliance, data cleaning and preparation). Readers should be able to come away with a sense of how they could begin to tackle a similar challenge. In spirit, these submissions should be inspired by Miriam Posner’s “How did they make that?”"


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Submission deadline: April 1, 2016



Following the launch of its first issue ( DHCommons is seeking feedback from the DH community and new projects for peer review in subsequent issues. Please see both the survey and CFP below, and consider contributing to either or both. The survey can be found at Thank you for participating!