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Statement on International Conference Travel

Update: The revoking of the relevant Executive Order in January 2021 means that this advisory is no longer in effect

The Chair of the ADHO Steering Committee writes: ADHO is sharply aware of the uncertain political situation in the US, especially in relation to the travel restrictions that were announced, and of the impact this may have on DH in general and all DH conferences to come.

DH is a global community, and diversity and inclusivity belong to ADHO’s core professional values. Travel restrictions would greatly harm our community. ADHO shares the concerns of all those affected or troubled by a US travel ban, and we thank the community for continued input and discussion, and its passionate advocacy for justice.

Recently, ADHO published the call for bids for DH2020. According to the three-year rotation DH2020 is expected to be hosted in the US or Canada. People have expressed their concern about that. However, our conference protocols are designed to be maximally flexible and sensitive to all sorts of situations, political and institutional, as we choose conference venues.  A lot can change between now and when we make our DH2020 decisions, and we encourage potential hosts in both the US and Canada to consider to put in a bid. We hope both potential hosts and potential attendees will continue to share their concerns and opinions.

More practical information will follow in due course.

Update 24 February 2017: See also this statement released by ACH.