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Implementation Committee – Proposed SIGs, Associate, and Affiliate Organization Recommendations

As part of ADHO's official change to the new structure, the Implementation Committee (IC) has already suggested a draft roadmap ; the IC has also published the Proposed Financial Scenarios, the Proposed Governance Scenarios (version 1.5 scenarios for the ADHO Executive Board  and the ADHO Committee Recomendations, all open for public comment. 

The Implementation Committee has now published Proposed SIGs, Associate, and Affiliate Organization Recommendations. This document was prepared by the ADHO Implementation Committee (IC) for the ADHO Steering Committee following the guidance of the ADHO Governance Proposals and other documents. It is a recommendation for how the ADHO Executive should be structured and the ADHO Foundation document changed. This document is a step towards replacing parts of the Governance Protocol with Bylaws and/or Protocols. The idea is that the Steering Committee will review and choose/adapt the recommendations and scenarios below (or send the IC back for more scenarios) at which point the IC will work with the ADHO Secretaries to prepare the appropriate documents like bylaws and protocols for the SC and final approval.

The ADHO Steering Committee and the Implementation Committee are very much looking forward to your input. We need your help to change the ADHO organization into a more open, friendly, and efficient community that can continue to work on its mission to further Digital Humanities with more and more new organizations all over the world.