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ADHO Statement on the invasion of Ukraine

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) deplores the February 2022 invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Army under orders from President Putin, and the ongoing violence and suffering it is causing, especially among the Ukrainian people. We join colleagues worldwide in condemning the invasion and asserting solidarity with the Ukrainian nation and its people. Armed conflict is not a solution and our thoughts are with those who are affected by the horrific impact of war.

We call on the international academia in general, and to our digital humanities community in particular, to extend any possible help to Ukrainian scholars and students in these difficult times. May this also serve as a reminder of the terribly disruptive consequences of armed conflict and injustice that are a too frequent reality for many around the world. We invite all to read the statements, published by our Constituent Organizations in response to the invasion, that reflect our diversity and also the solidarity of our global DH community.