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We are thrilled to announce that the Digital Humanities Alliance for Research and Teaching Innovations (DHARTI) of India and the Korean Association for Digital Humanities / 한국디지털인문학협의회 (KADH) have joined ADHO as our newest Constituent Organisations. ADHO’s Constituent Organisations Board voted in favor of DHARTI and KADH joining during their annual meeting on 11 July 2023 at DH2023.

DHARTI “is an initiative towards organising and facilitating digital practices in arts and humanities scholarship in India, both within and beyond academic institutes.” They aim 

  • “to nurture, mentor and lead DH projects across in India; 
  • to provide a platform, both online and offline, to showcase, discuss, validate and build upon and extend Humanities projects from India; 
  • to develop research networks for the Digital Humanities Scholars from India; 
  • [and] to give global recognition to projects from India through international forums.”

KADH “aims to take the lead in establishing the foundation of digital humanities in Korea by actively engaging in research and education activities, and internationally, to suggest ways to develop the global digital humanities community based on our unique academic experiences and achievements.”

DHARTI and KADH’s addition to ADHO expands our membership to 13 Constituent Organisations situated around the world and significantly strengthens representation of Asian digital humanities scholarship within ADHO.