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Call for ADHO Executive Board Secretary

Purpose: The role of the Secretary is to organize, record, and communicate EB meetings and joint meetings of the EB and COB, documents, decisions, and action items. They also serve as record keepers, holders of institutional memory, and reference sources for ADHO policy, decisions, and custom.

Term: This is a three-year position. In the first year an incumbent acts as ADHO EB Deputy Secretary, working in coordination with the current EB Secretary. In the following two years they take on the full responsibilities of the role with a new Deputy Secretary appointed in the third year.

Time commitment: The Secretary’s average time commitment is considered to be ‘high’ (between 10-20 hours per month). This commitment fluctuates depending on the time of year, and in the period of time before and during the annual conference the time commitment increases significantly.


  • In consultation with the Chair of the EB, to provide notices of meeting times and places, and request contributions of items for, prepare and distribute agendas.
  • To record and distribute the minutes of weekly EB meetings and monthly All Hands Meetings with committee chairs.
  • To coordinate the annual Executive Board / Constituent Organizations Board meetings in association with the Digital Humanities Conference.
  • To record the minutes of the annual meeting and publicly distribute meeting summaries via the ADHO website.
  • To maintain and monitor a calendar of important dates, which includes times and terms of service, and action-item reminders.
  • To act as a Trustee and Officer of Stichting ADHO Foundation.
  • To maintain the records of the Alliance.

Applications and Deadline

Please submit your application or nomination via the following forms by May 15, including a 300-word statement of interest and a 2-page CV. If you are nominating someone else, please confirm with them that they are interested and able to take on this service.
* To apply:
* To nominate someone else: