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Call for ADHO Treasurer (Incoming as Deputy)

Purpose: The Treasurer is the financial manager for both ADHO and the ADHO Foundation (ADHO’s legal entity, based in the Netherlands), and is a member of the Executive Board. The Treasurer keeps track of and reports on the budget and advises the Executive and Constituent Organization Boards about financial decisions. The Deputy Treasurer advises and assists the Treasurer as needed, and may act on behalf of the Treasurer when they are unavailable. The Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer manage the financial assets of ADHO.

Term: This position has a three-year term with the first two years as Deputy Treasurer, and the third year as Treasurer.

Time commitment: The Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer share in responsibilities, and between them the time commitment is considered to be ‘high’ (between 10-20 hours per month). This commitment fluctuates depending on the time of year.


  • Reporting regularly on the ADHO budget to the EB, the COB, and governmental institutions as required;
  • Managing ADHO finances and monitoring ADHO accounts and transactions;
  • Conducting analysis and research (e.g., comparing planned and actual budget figures; preparing annual budgets in consultation with the EB; etc.);
  • Engaging in regular EB meetings and communicating both synchronously and asynchronously. (Presence at the annual meeting is desirable but not essential.)
  • To act as a Trustee and Officer of Stichting ADHO Foundation.

Applications and Deadline:
Please submit your application or nomination via the following forms by May 15, including a 300-word statement of interest and a 2-page CV. If you are nominating someone else, please confirm with them that they are interested and able to take on this service.
* To apply:
* To nominate someone else: