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Call for ADHO Officers

The ADHO Executive Board invites nominations for the positions of Executive Board Secretary and Treasurer (either for one’s self- or on behalf of another person). These officer-level volunteer positions are vital to the day-to-day operations of ADHO, and the ideal candidates will possess technical experience with academic disciplinary organizations – financial and/or administrative, as related to the position. Experience as an officer or chair within an ADHO Constituent Organization would be particularly helpful.

More information about the Executive Board Secretary position can be found here.
More information about the Treasurer position can be found here.

Please submit your application or nomination by May 15.
If you wish to apply for either position, please use the Application Form
If you wish to nominate someone else for either position, please use the Nomination Form

The Executive Board encourages an onboarding process for each position, whereby the new officer ‘shadows’ the current officer for a number of months in a deputy capacity. We believe this practice provides context for the new officer and continuity for the organization.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: ADHO is committed to fostering a dynamic conversation with the digital humanities community on all matters related to equity, diversity, and inclusion. We support ongoing efforts to combat systemic and structural racism and all forms of discrimination and marginalization.

The ADHO Code of Conduct applies to interactions and communications among participants in all ADHO activities, including (but not limited to) conferences, workshops and other events organised through ADHO as well as meetings of boards, committees, working groups and initiatives directly affiliated with ADHO. All officers, and chairs of ADHO committees and other groups have the additional responsibility to manage and lead the organisation in a manner that fosters an environment of respect in accordance with the values and regulations set out in this Code.

While we believe that these positions hold significant professional value within the international DH community, and are grateful to those who undertake these responsibilities, we regret that there is no financial remuneration available.