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New ADHO Communications Streams: A new website, newsletter, and podcast!

We are so pleased to announce the launch of a new website for ADHO along with a newsletter and podcast! Built in WordPress, our new website features much of the same content from the previous website with some important updates and is designed with accessibility and usability as guiding principles. Perhaps most significantly, the site will be supporting multilingual content with the launch of French and Spanish translations in the fall 2022.

MLMC Chair Cecily Raynor (Associate Professor, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, McGill University) and Marie-France Guénette (Professeure adjointe, Département de langues, linguistique et traduction, Université Laval) are coordinating the French and Spanish translations, and Lidia Ponce de la Vega, Jade Parent, and Marilou Plamondon are preparing the translations with funding provided by ADHO. This team is also developing a multilingual glossary of digital humanities terms that will be made available on the new website in the coming months. The addition of other languages is currently under discussion by the Executive Board and MLMC. Please note that due to limited capacity only top level–mostly static–pages will be translated. All protocols, committee documents, and most news posts will remain in English. The translation of news posts will be managed on an individual basis. If you are interested in participating in translation work–maintaining the Spanish and French translations, or contributing additional languages–please email

The prior website has served ADHO well for many years, and we are deeply appreciative to the many members of the digital humanities community, including Quinn Dombrowski, Chris Meister, Ian Rifkin, Christoph Schöch, Lisa Spiro, Cole Crawford, Simon Wiles, this author, and Communications Fellows past and present, who have maintained it.

While news will continue to be shared via the ADHO website, Twitter, and Facebook, we will also be compiling and sharing ADHO updates via a newsletter, to be sent out 3-4 times per year, that will feature updates from ADHO, our Constituent Organizations, SIGs, journals, and other activities. Subscribe now to receive the latest news from ADHO.

Finally, our Communications Fellows, Erdal Ayan and Anna Sofia Lippolis, have developed a podcast series for ADHO, CoreDH, in which they interview members of ADHO’s Constituent Organizations (COs). Each interview focuses on one CO and the work it’s doing, along with the research interests of CO representatives. The first two episodes are available and feature Evelyn Gius (DHd) and Jennifer Isasi and Lorena Gauthereau (ACH).

Have questions or comments about the website, newsletter, or podcast? You can send them to

Drafted by Hannah L. Jacobs (Communications Officer) with support from the Communications Fellows and members of the Executive Board.