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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

ADHO is committed to fostering a dynamic conversation with the digital humanities community on all matters related to equity, diversity, and inclusion. We support ongoing efforts to combat systemic and structural racism and all forms of discrimination and marginalization. Amongst our initiatives, we have an established Multi-lingualism & Multi-culturalism Committee tasked with developing and promoting policies around linguistic and cultural inclusion. ADHO’s Intersectional Inclusion Task Force (2022-2024) is charged with addressing issues of racial discrimination and social injustice. Furthermore, our Conference Coordinating Committee has created a Code of Conduct meant to ensure a safe, respectful, and collegial conference environment for the benefit of the community.

If you have ideas and/or feedback regarding ADHO’s inclusion efforts, please contact us at

Position Statements

Statement on the invasion of Ukraine

03 March 2022

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) deplores the February 2022 invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Army under orders from President Putin, and the ongoing violence and suffering it is causing, especially among the Ukrainian people. Read more >>

Constituent Organizations’ Statements on the Invasion of Ukraine

27 February 2022

ADHO Constituent Organizations have published statements on invasion of Ukraine. Read more >>

Statement on Black Lives Matter, Structural Racism, and Establishment Violence

18 July 2020

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) states publicly, directly, and specifically that Black Lives Matter; that we stand in solidarity with people around the world protesting against structural racism and other forms of oppression and discrimination; and that we recognize that we have work to do in our own digital humanities communities in order to become fully anti-racist and non-discriminatory organizations. Read more >>

Statement on International Conference Travel

10 Feb 2017

The Chair of the ADHO Steering Committee writes: ADHO is sharply aware of the uncertain political situation in the US, especially in relation to the travel restrictions that were announced, and of the impact this may have on DH in general and all DH conferences to come. Read more >>