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Governance Structure

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) is a formal alliance of independent Digital Humanities (DH) organizations around the world that operate in diverse scholarly, cultural, and legal circumstances. Its primary remit is to support DH community activity at a global level and in all regions of the world, including thouse that are not currently supported by an established DH organization.

Its governing bodies are the following: 

  • The Constituent Organizations Board (COB), composed of one representative from each of the Constituent Organizations (COs) and a liaison to the Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Its role is to establish and develop vision, strategy, and policy for ADHO. 
  • The Executive Board (EB), appointed by the COB. Its role is to enact the decisions made by the COB, to administer the day-to-day running of the organization, and to ensure that ADHO abides by all applicable laws. Officers serve terms ranging from 2 to 4 years, depending on the nature of the post.
  • Standing committees (Admissions, Awards, Conference Coordinating, Infrastructure, Multi-lingualism & Multi-culturalism), whose chairs are appointed by the COB, and whose members come from the different COs. The Communications Team consists of a Communications Officer, appointed by the COB, and Communications Fellows, recommended by the Communications Officer and appointed by the COB. A Deputy Communications Officer is also appointed as appropriate by the COB to overlap with an outgoing Communications Officer.

ADHO officers, committee chairs, and members of its COB and EB are all volunteers affiliated with a Constituent Organization (in addition to their ADHO duties) and work in time zones around the world. We are always in need of people to fill these positions, and always welcome volunteers and self-nominations for various openings as they arise.

Learn more about how ADHO functions in our Governance Protocol.

Diagram of ADHO’s Governance