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Governance Structure

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) is a formal alliance of independent Digital Humanities (DH) organizations around the world that operate in diverse scholarly, cultural, and legal circumstances. Its primary remit is to support DH community activity at a global level and in all regions of the world, including thouse that are not currently supported by an established DH organization.

Its governing bodies are the following: 

ADHO officers, committee chairs, and members of its COB and EB are all volunteers affiliated with a Constituent Organization (in addition to their ADHO duties) and work in time zones around the world. We are always in need of people to fill these positions, and always welcome volunteers and self-nominations for various openings as they arise.

Learn more about how ADHO functions in our Governance Protocol.

Communicating with ADHO Leadership

While ADHO formally represents the members of its COs, anyone in the DH community can contact ADHO leadership by emailing Our Communications team may also share questions and comments received via ADHO social media accounts with the EB, COB, or relevant committee chairs where appropriate. ADHO welcomes any communication from the DH community, especially substantive feedback on any matter related to its activities. As a global alliance, we are not usually able to comment on topics of regional or national importance. In such cases, we encourage direct communication with the relevant CO.

Please be aware that responses often require consultation with multiple stakeholders, and we take extra care to ensure everyone has an opportunity to offer feedback before ADHO responds. Given the physical distances involved, the volunteer nature of our work, and the importance of sensitivity to cultural differences within our global organization, this decision-making process may need substantive discussions and thus can take time. While we aim to acknowledge communications received within a week, this may take longer during ADHO conferences or over holiday periods. We appreciate your patience and understanding in awaiting full responses.

Diagram of ADHO’s Governance

Diagram of the offices governing ADHO.