Our Mission

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) promotes and supports digital research and teaching across all arts and humanities disciplines, acting as a community-based advisory force, and supporting excellence in research, publication, collaboration and training.

The following organizations are current members of ADHO:


The international DH conference has played an eminent role not only in providing a forum for the presentation of completed research results, but also in creating a forum for the exchange of knowledge and research collaboration in the nascent stage of research, and it was therefore judged to be as desirable as possible to hold the meeting face-to-face, even if it involves some difficulties.

ADHO seeks to draw in and draw on the global DH community, with its strong commitment to and advocacy for social justice. We seek to engage community expertise and desire for change to help ADHO take action on the intersecting concerns articulated in our statement on Black Lives Matter, Structural Racism, and Establishment Violence.