Awards Committee

The ADHO Awards Committee has responsibility for the awards ADHO gives to recognize and encourage outstanding contributions to the Digital Humanities. The committee consists of a chair (appointed by the ADHO steering committee) and voting representatives from each constituent organization, appointed by their respective organizations. These four continuing members of the committee take the lead in administering the different award programs on a rotating basis. Several additional colleagues are co-opted as associate committee members in order to facilitate the work of the committee. In particular, these serve as review panel members for various awards, as called for in their individual protocols.

Membership (2018)

  • Karina van Dalen-Oskam (Chair)
  • Mark Algee-Hewitt (centerNet voting member)
  • Tully Barnett (aaDH voting member)
  • Elena González-Blanco (EADH voting member)
  • Constance Crompton (CSDH/SCHN voting member)
  • Micki Kaufman (ACH voting member)
  • Toru Tomabechi (JADH voting member)
  • Frédéric Clavert (Humanistica)