Communications Committee

The Communication Committee advises on ADHO’s overall communications strategies and provides guidance on how to improve its web site, social media presence, and visibility as an inclusive, diverse organization.

Membership (2016)

  • Hannah Jacobs (Chair)
  • Ingrid Mason (aaDH)
  • Fabio Ciotti (Membership officer ex officio)
  • Alex Gil (ACH)
  • Leif Isaken (Publications chair ex officio)
  • Kim Martin (CSDH/SCHN)
  • Antonio Rojas Castro (EADH)
  • Christoph Schöch (Infrastructure committee chair ex officio)
  • Lynne Siemens (centerNET)
  • Benoît Majerus (Humanistica)
  • Seat currently vacant (JADH)
  • Seat currently vacant (Publications liaison ex officio)

ADHO Communications Fellows

  • Maribel Hidalgo Urbaneja
  • Sarah Hackney