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GO::DH and MLMC Partner on Initiative for Multi-Lingual Participation

A circular white pin with the words "I whisper" and a space for a language to be written.

GO::DH has partnered with ADHO’s Multilingualism/Multiculturalism Committee (MCML) on a new initiative to offer new grass-roots opportunities for multi-lingual participation. At the Digital Humanities 2014 conference you will have an opportunity to volunteer to serve as ad-hoc translator for non-English speakers. We ask that those who are fluent in English and other languages sign up for our volunteer program. If you would like to help translate find us by the registration desk, where you will find us distributing pins that say ‘I whisper in __________.’ We learned of this practice in Cuba, where the translator would sit in the back of the room and whispered to those who needed translation. We are hoping for an informal approach, where an arrangement can be made between volunteers and other parties to either whisper translations during the panels in the back of the room for small groups, or translate questions or answers after lectures.

We encourage those of you who could benefit from translation find us! We will be wearing our pins prominently.