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Call for Executive Board and Committee Chair Applications

**UPDATE: The application/nomination deadline has been extended to 15 June 2021.**

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) seeks applications for the following positions from committed individuals who would like to participate in Digital Humanities leadership on a global scale:

All positions begin 1 July 2021. Term lengths vary by position. Selected applicants will be appointed to only one position.


ADHO is a formal alliance of independent Digital Humanities (DH) organizations that operate in diverse scholarly, cultural, and legal circumstances. Its primary remit is to support DH community activity at a global level and in regions that are not currently supported by an established DH organization. ADHO officers, committee chairs, and members of its Constituent Organizations Board (COB) and Executive Board (EB) are all volunteers affiliated with a Constituent Organization (CO) and work in time zones around the world.

ADHO’s governance is composed of the following bodies:

The EB Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer also act as Trustees and Officers of Stichting ADHO Foundation, a charitable organization registered in The Netherlands, which is ADHO’s legal body.

For further information, please see a full description of ADHO’s governance structure.


Eligibility for all positions

  • Any experienced practitioner in the field of Digital Humanities is eligible to apply for these roles.
  • Position holders must be members of an ADHO Constituent Organization.
  • Position holders may not serve simultaneously as a Constituent Organization representative on the COB, member of the Executive Board, or chair of an ADHO committee during their tenure.The Chair may not serve simultaneously as a Constituent Organization representative on the COB or on an ADHO subcommittee for the duration of their tenure.
  • Position holders may reside in any country. The Executive Board meets regularly (currently weekly with Committee Chairs joining these meetings monthly, by video and teleconference. All ADHO Officers are required to make reasonable allowances to meet with colleagues in other time zones.

Full descriptions of each position with additional responsibilities and eligibility information are listed below. Please note that in order to ensure that Officers and Committee members have sufficient experience of ADHO’s federated structure, most are appointed as ‘-Elect’ posts in the first instance, initially serving as a Deputy and transitioning automatically into the associated role after 1 or 2 years.


Further Enquiries

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact, or any of the current office-holders to discuss the nature of these positions.


Applications and Deadline

The application/nomination deadline has been extended to 15 June 2021.

Nominations and applications will be accepted via the following forms no later than 1 June 2021.


Nominate someone else:


Position Descriptions

Awards Committee Chair

The Awards Committee Chair coordinates the Awards Committee, which honors members of the DH community by administering ADHO’s awards for outstanding scholarly contributions in Digital Humanities and through them promotes the inclusivity and visibility of the Digital Humanities. Chairs serve 3 years (2021-2024) with the possibility of renewal. Responsibilities include:

  • Organizing the nomination and selection for ADHO awards by the members of the Awards Committee;
  • Reviewing the protocols for each ADHO award and proposing changes from time to time as appropriate;
  • Ensuring appropriate publication of the papers prepared and delivered by award recipients;
  • Consulting with the Executive Board on important strategic, operational, and management issues relating to the planning and operation of the awards processes;
  • Regularly reporting on Awards Committee activities to the Executive Board;
  • Considering possible new awards or related ways to encourage new forms of activity in the digital humanities, e.g. encouraging participation by new scholarly communities.


Conference Coordinating Committee Adjunct Chair-Elect

ADHO holds an annual international conference, usually in June, July, or August. The Conference Coordinating Committee (CCC) is responsible for maintaining the Conference Protocols and ensuring that they are followed by the Local Organizers (LOs Program Committee (PC and others involved in the annual Digital Humanities Conference. The CCC is overseen by a three-person team, with members rotating through the positions of Adjunct Chair-Elect (year 1 – 2021-2022 Chair-Elect (year 2 – 2022-2023 and Chair (year 3 – 2023-2024).

Experience organizing conferences is desirable but not necessarily required. The CCC Chairs are collectively responsible for the following tasks:

  • Administering the conference hosting selection process;
  • Maintaining an annually-updated pool of reviewers for the conference;
  • In consultation with the PC, determining the proposal review process (e.g., double-anonymous, reviewer-anonymous, or open);
  • Maintaining draft-model conference documents including the call for proposals and report;
  • Reviewing requests for additional languages to be added for a particular conference, requests for in-name sponsorship of digital humanities conferences, and innovations to the conference format;
  • Conducting brief surveys of conference participants;
  • Maintaining email lists for each year’s PC;
  • Receiving preliminary and final reports from LOs and PC chairs and conveying them to the COB and EB;
  • Approving presentations by conference sponsors together with the PC.


Executive Board Chair-Elect

This is a four-year non-renewable position, with the first two years (2021-2023) in the role of Chair-Elect of the Executive Board followed by a further two-year term as Chair (2023-2025). The role of EB Chair is to facilitate the executive and administrative functions of ADHO; the Chair has ultimate responsibility for the day-to-day running of the organization. The Chair-Elect supports the Chair in all actions required to ensure ADHO’s smooth functioning and may act on behalf of the Chair when they are unavailable. They may also take on specific responsibilities for activities or initiatives which do not fall within the remit of other Officers or Committees.



The Treasurer-Elect advises and assists the Treasurer as needed and may act on behalf of the Treasurer when they are unavailable. The Treasurer-Elect serves 3 years (2021-2024) and becomes Treasurer during that term. The Treasurer is the financial manager for both ADHO and Stichting ADHO Foundation (ADHO’s legal entity, based in the Netherlands). The Treasurer keeps track of and reports on the budget and advises the Executive and Constituent Organization Boards about financial decisions. The Treasurer and Treasurer-Elect manage the financial assets of ADHO. The Treasurer-Elect, like the Treasurer, is a member of the ADHO Executive Board (EB) and advises it on any financial implications of its decisions.

Responsibilities in collaboration with the Treasurer include:

  • Reporting regularly on the ADHO budget to the EB, the COB, and governmental institutions as required;
  • Monitoring ADHO accounts and transactions;
  • Performing analysis and financial research (comparing planned and actual budget figures; preparing annual budgets in consultation with the EB; etc.);
  • Participating in EB meetings and communication. Presence at ADHO’s annual meeting is desirable but not essential.