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ADHO Trusted Individuals

As outlined in the ADHO Code of Conduct, trusted individuals are volunteer representatives of the COB (two members) and the EB (one member) who are nominated for this role by their respective bodies, approved by the COB and appointed on an annual, renewable basis. Ahead of each annual DH conference, one additional volunteer representative from among the Local Organizers (LOs) will be nominated by the LOs and confirmed by the COB as an additional trusted individual. The LO representative will only be active during the conference and until any complaints submitted in direct connection to that conference are resolved. 

The trusted individuals are committed to being responsive to concerns, reports and complaints related to behaviour that might violate the code of conduct. They are available for confidential written or verbal consultation by individuals who feel that either they have experienced, or that they have witnessed, a possible code of conduct violation. They are prepared to investigate complaints and to share reports with and recommend action to the COB president and EB chair as outlined in the “Addressing formal complaints” section of the Code of Conduct. ADHO will facilitate appropriate training opportunities and support for the trusted individuals.

ADHO’s trusted individuals will be named below once they have been designated.