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ADHO Adopts Creative Commons License for Its Web Site

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) is pleased to announce that all content on its web site is now available under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. This means that individuals and organizations are welcome to re-use and adapt ADHO’s documents and resources, so long as ADHO is cited as the source. Neil Fraistat, Chair of ADHO’s Steering Committee, notes that “this is one of an ongoing series of actions this year that are being designed to make ADHO resources more open and available to the larger community.”


ADHO’s decision to adopt the CC-BY license was prompted by the recognition that through explicitly sharing its work it can have a greater impact, contribute to best practices, and demonstrate its support for open access. Recently the Program Committee for the 2013 Digital Humanities conference revamped ADHO’s Guidelines for Proposal Authors & Reviewers, making them more inclusive, concrete, and transparent. PC chair Bethany Nowviskie received a request from the organizers of another conference to re-use these guidelines. Prompted by Nowviskie's suggestion, the ADHO Steering Committee determined that not only should the conference guidelines be made freely available, but its entire web site.


In adopting a Creative Commons license for its website, ADHO follows suit with several of its existing publications, including Digital Studies/Le Champ Numerique, Digital Humanities Quarterly, and DH Answers.