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Resources Shared During #DH2018 via Twitter

Below is a list of resources, tools, slides, presentation aids, and articles shared during the course of DH2018 on Twitter. If you see anything missing you would like added, please tweet @ADHOrg or email 

Notes on #DH2018 Conference

Tweets per user_lang in a #DH2018 archive by Ernesto Priego

English Language notes on DH2018 by James Baker 

DH Twitter Network Visualization

Primer Informe de Verano – Natalia Mora, Tania Ortega, Mariana Ramirez, Rafael Rodriguez 


Tools/ Data/ Archives

Legacy Sites Project


Eighteenth Centiry Poetry Archive 

CHRONReader: Query Classified Historical Newspaper Images 

Incipit Search: Interlocking Musicological Repositories 

Voyant Tools for Text

The Blog Authorship Corpus

Corpus DB

Nineteenth-Century Knowledge Project 

Helping Interdisciplinary Vocabulary Engineering (HIVE) 

Library Carpentry lessons 

Bookworm: HathiTrust 

Journal of Open Humanities Data

Lemmatizer Experiments 

First Generation DH Zotero


Upcoming Events

Global Digital Humanities Symposium – March 21-22, 2019

Digitizing Enlightenment – July 19 – 20, 2018

SHARP 2018 – July 9-12, 2018

Intentionally Digital, Intentionally Black October 18-20, 2018

Ill Congreso Internacional De La Asociacion Argentina November 7-9, 2018


Presentation Materials

Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literacy Heritage Project by Gabriela Baeza Ventura and Carolina A Villarroel

Quantifying Kissinger by Micki Kaufman –

Is DH Adjuncting Infrastructurally Significant? By Kathi Inman Barrens

Digital Archive of the Guatemalan National Police Historical Archive –

Torn Apart –

Where is the open in DH? By Paige Morgan

Delivering on the deliverables by Paige Morgan –

Learning from our mistakes by Paige Morgan –

The Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton –

Create Caribbean –

Bridging Digital Humanities Internal and Open Source Software Projects Through Reusable Building Blocks by Benjamin Hicks and Rebecca Sutton Koeser

Design for Digital Humanities Project Management by Natalia Ermolaev, Rebecca Munson, Xinya Li

Code for Experimental Test of Edward Said claims about late style by Jonathan Reeve

Digital Repository for Mexican Cultural Heritage (DRMCH)

Can we please have your old data? By Miriam Posner

First Generation DH in the United States by Anelise Shrout

Digital Public Humanities: Pedagogy and Praxis, Notes and Errata by Jim McGrath


Praxis and Scale: On The Virtue of Small by Brandon Walsh

Studying Life and Works of Leo Tolstoy by Means of Network Analysis


Other Resources

Mutual Muses –

Social Justice and the Digital Humanities –

Arte Público –

You Say Data, I Say System by Jer Thorp

DHSI 2018 Course Packet – Making Choices About Your Data by Paige Morgan and Yvonne Lam

Distance-reading the feminine landscapes of The Awakening by Heather Froehlich

Digital Humanities Postdoctoral Community –

Digital Humanities Course Registry –

The Comics Page: Scholarly Books Briefly Noted (2017-2018) by Ernesto Priego

Minimal Computing – Working Group of GO:DH

Digital Humanities in the Library isn’t a Service by Trevor Muñoz

Digital Scholarship Services at BU

Method without Methodology: Data and the Digital Humanities by Lindsay Caplan

Against Cleaning by Katie Rawson and Trevor Muñoz

Archive on Immigrants from China (Government of Canada)

Spreadsheets in Data Science podcast

Miriam Posner Introduction to DH Course Website

Endings: Building Sustainable DH Projects

Die Hard: The Impossible, Absolutely Essential Task of Saving the Web for Scholars by Robin Camille Davis

Congress on Digital Humanities (Rio, Brazil)

To Suddenly Discover Yourself Existing: Uncovering the Impact of Community Archives by Michelle Caswell, Marika Cifor, and Mario H. Ramirez

Estrategias de Lectura

Publish a Technical Article to Teach Others and Support Charities by Lisa Tagliaferri

Korea data-based humanities knowledge encyclopedia

Focus on Allies: Diversity and Inclusion in Technology 2018 by Valeria Aurora

What’s under the big tent? A study of ADHO Conference abstracts by Scott Weingart, Nichoal Eichmann-Kalwara

Leadership Alliance Mellon Initiative

Cultural Heritage Informatics at MSU

The Praxis Program at the Scholars’ Lab

Incipit Historico

Mapping Violence

Cultural Topics class website