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ADHO Welcomes New Latin American Organization

ADHO is excited to announce the admission of a new Constituent Organization! The Latin American organization Red de Humanidades Digitales (RedHD) became a full member of ADHO on 1 January 2019. 

RedHD logo

Red de Humanidades Digitales was created in June 2011 by a group of researchers and practitioners interested in promoting and institutionalizing Digital Humanties. Our aims are to promote and strengthen work on humanities and computing, with special emphasis on research and teaching in Latin America. The RedHD supports better communication between digital humanists in the region, the formation of human resources, preparation of documentation and good practices, the promotion of DH projects, dissemination of DH related events as well as promoting the recognition of the field. Additionally we seek to promote regional projects and initiatives on an international level. Membership to the RedHD is available to all. Learn how to get involved.