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ADHO Seeks Nominations for Deputy Treasurer

As part of the restructuring of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO), we seek nominations for committed individuals who would like to actively help further DH in all its breadth and diversity on a global scale for an ADHO Deputy Treasurer. In the near future, we will issue calls for other positions. 

ADHO Deputy Treasurer’s Description and Responsibilities

The ADHO Treasurer is the financial manager for both ADHO and the ADHO Foundation (ADHO’s legal entity, based in the Netherlands). The Treasurer keeps track of and reports on the budget, and advises the SC about financial decisions. The Deputy Treasurer advises and assists the Treasurer as needed and may act on behalf of the Treasurer when they are unavailable. The Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer manage the financial assets of ADHO. The Deputy Treasurer is a member of the ADHO Executive Board (EB) and advises them on any financial implications of their decisions.

Responsibilities (in collaboration with the ADHO Treasurer):

  • Reporting regularly on the ADHO budget to the EB, the COB, and governmental institutions as required
  • Financial management (monitoring ADHO accounts and transactions)
  • Analysis and research (comparing planned and actual budget figures; preparing annual budgets in consultation with the EB; etc.)
  • Meetings and communication (presence at regular EB meetings via telecon and email. Presence at annual meeting is desirable but not essential)

The initial appointment is projected to conclude at the end of the 2021 Digital Humanities Conference in Tokyo. 


All members of ADHO Constituent Organizations (COs) and Associate Organizations (AOs) are eligible. To apply, please contact the steering committee or secretariat of any of the organizations below within which you are in good standing, providing your name, contact details, the role or roles applied for, and a short statement (approx. 200 words) summarizing any relevant skills and experience relevant by 15 December 2019

  • aaDH – Australasian Association for Digital Humanities
  • ACH – Association for Computers and the Humanities
  • centerNet
  • CSDH/SCHN – Canadian Society for Digital Humanities / Société canadienne des humanités numériques 
  • CzADH – Czech Association for Digital Humanities
  • DHASA – Digital Humanities Association of Southern Africa
  • DHd – Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum/li>
  • DHN – Digital humaniora i Norden
  • DH Russia – Russian Association for Digital Humanities
  • EADH – European Association for Digital Humanities
  • Humanistica, L’association francophone des humanités numériques/digitales
  • JADH – Japanese Association for Digital Humanities
  • RedHD – Red de Humanidades DigitalesTADH – Taiwanese Association for Digital Humanities


We would welcome any inquiries about this position. Please address queries to Please note that candidates must be nominated by a CO or AO and so applications made directly to ADHO cannot be accepted.