ADHO is seeking a new Secretary of its Executive Board, starting immediately. As with all ADHO Offices, it is an unremunerated position appointed by ADHO’s governing body, the Constituent Organization Board (COB).

ADHO’s Intersectional Inclusion Task Force (initially the Anti-racism Task Force) emerges from a direct and pressing need to address systemic inequalities within ADHO and the broader DH community connected to its activities,* including but not limited to race, class, gender, ability, caste, tribe, sexuality, nationality, geographical location, religion, health, language, or other social categories, which are often exacerbated

Recognizing a singular achievement in the digital humanities, the Zampolli Prize is named in honor of Professor Antonio Zampolli (1937-2003), who was a founding member of the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing (ALLC), ALLC President from 1983-2003, and a leader in establishing the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) and the TEI Consortium. ADHO awards the prize triennially at its annual conference. Voyant Tools is the fourth recipient of the Zampolli Prize.

2022-23 ADHO Conference Coordinating Committee Fellow

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) seeks applicants for a Conference Coordinating Committee (CCC) Fellow - a position that comes with a stipend of The CCC Fellow €500 (Euros). The Fellow will work with the three members of the Conference Coordinating Committee, as well as more broadly with various members of the international ADHO community, to structure and disseminate information about the mechanisms involved with organizing the ADHO conferences.

The Conference Coordinating Committee of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) invites proposals to host the Digital Humanities Conference in 2024.

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) deplores the February 2022 invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Army under orders from President Putin, and the ongoing violence and suffering it is causing, especially among the Ukrainian people. We join colleagues worldwide in condemning the invasion and asserting solidarity with the Ukrainian nation and its people. Armed conflict is not a solution and our thoughts are with those who are affected by the horrific impact of war.

ADHO Constituent Organizations have published statements on invasion of Ukraine. Click on the following links/statements to read more.

EADH statement on Ukraine invasion; support for Ukrainian researchers entering Poland

ACH Statement on the Invasion of Ukraine

ADHO seeks to draw in and draw on the global DH community, with its strong commitment to and advocacy for social justice. We seek to engage community expertise and desire for change to help ADHO take action on the intersecting concerns articulated in our statement on Black Lives Matter, Structural Racism, and Establishment Violence.

The ADHO Anti-Racism Working Group received several expressions of interest in response to its first call for participation in the Task Force we’re assembling to examine ADHO structures and processes, and to advise on reforms that will help the organization create greater equity. Other responses, however, reminded us of the frequency with which Black, Indigenous, and other scholars of color are asked to take on such diversity and equity related work as a service overload.

The international DH conference has played an eminent role not only in providing a forum for the presentation of completed research results, but also in creating a forum for the exchange of knowledge and research collaboration in the nascent stage of research, and it was therefore judged to be as desirable as possible to hold the meeting face-to-face, even if it involves some difficulties.