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Join the ADHO Executive Board and Committees!

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) seeks nominations for committed individuals who would like to actively help further DH in all its breadth and diversity on a global scale for the following positions:

  1. ADHO Executive Board Secretary
  2. ADHO Admissions Committee Chair
  3. ADHO Multilingualism/Multiculturalism Committee (MLMC) Chair

ADHO is governed by two boards: a Constituent Organization Board (COB) and an Executive Board (EB); all of these positions have a relationship to both Boards and include highly visible and necessary responsibilities for ADHO’s work internationally.  If you’re interested in helping ADHO and the worldwide DH community become a more transparent, inclusive, and beneficial home for the many organizations and individuals that make up our community, then please consider becoming a candidate for one of these volunteer offices.

Terms will commence after the 2020 Digital Humanities Conference and will last for three years, ending after the DH conference in 2023. A description of the roles is below. All members of ADHO Constituent Organizations (COs) and Associate Organizations (AOs listed below, are eligible. 

  • aaDH – Australasian Association for Digital Humanities
  • ACH – Association for Computers and the Humanities
  • AIUCD- Associazione Informatica Umanistica e Cultura Digital
  • centerNet
  • CSDH/SCHN – Canadian Society for Digital Humanities / Société canadienne des humanités numériques 
  • CzADH – Czech Association for Digital Humanities
  • DHASA – Digital Humanities Association of Southern Africa
  • DHd – Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum
  • DHN – Digital humaniora i Norden
  • DH Russia – Russian Association for Digital Humanities
  • EADH – European Association for Digital Humanities
  • Humanistica, L’association francophone des humanités numériques/digitales
  • JADH – Japanese Association for Digital Humanities
  • RedHD – Red de Humanidades Digitales
  • TADH – Taiwanese Association for Digital Humanities

Please nominate yourself or someone else for these roles by 19 July 2020 by sending an email to If self-nominating, please send a brief statement of your expertise and motivation as well as a brief CV (2 pages). If you are nominating someone else, the ADHO Executive Board will contact them for the relevant materials. 

ADHO Executive Board Secretary

The ADHO Executive Board Secretary works closely with the EB, the Constituent Organization Board (COB and occasionally with various officers of the Constituent Organizations, to organize, record, and communicate ADHO governance meetings, documents, decisions, and action items. They also serve as record keepers, holders of institutional memory, and reference sources for ADHO policy, decisions, and custom. 

In the first year (2020-21) the incumbent will act as ADHO EB Deputy Secretary, working in coordination with the current EB Secretary. In the following two years (2021-23) they will take on the full responsibilities of the role with a new Deputy Secretary appointed in the third year.  The Secretary is appointed by the COB and reports to the Executive Board (EB).


  • In consultation with the Chair of the EB, to provide notices of meeting times and places, and request contributions of items for, prepare and distribute agendas.
  • To record and distribute the minutes of all meetings. To maintain and monitor a calendar of important dates, which includes times and terms of service, and action-item reminders.
  • To maintain the records of the Alliance.

ADHO Admissions Committee Chair

The Admissions Committee facilitates the process of organisations applying for admission to ADHO as Constituent Organisations or Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in conformity with ADHO’s Admissions and SIG Protocols. It also creates guidance and documentation for organisations with an interest in joining ADHO. The Chair steers the work of the Committee, presents candidate organisations to the Constituent Organization Board (COB and advises the COB in its decision-making.

Experience of ADHO’s organisational structures is a prerequisite for this role. The Committee Chair is appointed for a term of three years by the COB and reports to the Executive Board (EB).


  • Communicate regularly with the COB and the EB about ongoing application processes
  • Oversee the production and maintain relevant guidance and documentation by the Admissions Committee
  • Answer questions from and advise representatives of potential Constituent Organizations or SIGs who are preparing applications
  • Introduce the application of potential Constituent Organizations or SIGs to the COB at its annual meetings 

ADHO Multilingualism/Multiculturalism Committee Chair

ADHO’s Committee on Multilingualism/Multiculturalism (MLMC) is charged with developing and promoting policies in ADHO and its Constituent Organizations that will help them to become more linguistically and culturally diverse and inclusive in general terms. 

The MLMC Chair steers the work of the Committee and advises the COB and the EB in their decision-making. This appointment is for a term of three years by the COB, and reports to the Executive Board (EB).

The areas in which policies on Multilingualism and Multiculturalism have an impact include:

  • The websites and public communications of ADHO and its constituent organisations
  • The conferences of ADHO and its constituent organisations, including overseeing translations of the annual conference call for papers
  • The journals and other publications of ADHO and its constituent organisations
  • Serves as a resource and advisor for other ADHO committees, publications, and conferences

In all these areas, the objectives of MLMC’s policies are:

  • To value the multilingual and multicultural character of the community
  • To reflect the multilingual and multicultural wealth of the community
  • To take the different academic cultures and norms into account
  • To ensure proposals are reviewed by culture- and language-sensitive reviewers