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Antiracism Working Group

The ADHO Working Group will support the work of the Intersectional Inclusion Task Force (initially the Antiracism Task Force).

The Working Group will review volunteer expressions of interest in serving on the Antiracism Task Force with a view to being inclusive and to creating a Task Force that is compact enough to be functional. In the fortunate event that there are many volunteers, the Working Group will form a larger Advisory Committee alongside a Task Force, in the hopes of engaging all volunteers. Should selection for the Task Force be necessary, the Working Group will consider the diversity of background of the volunteer, the depth and nature of past involvement in DH as an academic pursuit (not favouring those with past involvement in ADHO activities or events), and past involvement and expertise in EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion), anti-discrimination, or social justice work. In the event of a shortage of expressions of interest, or in order to achieve greater diversity among Task Force members, members of the Working Group may approach individuals and encourage them to apply.

The Working Group will liaise and advocate on behalf of the Task Force with the Constituent Organization Board (COB) on policy matters, and with the Executive Board (EB) on practical matters. It will work to provide necessary background and context–for instance regarding ADHO’s governance structure, the relationship between ADHO and the Constituent Organizations (COs), and the roles associated with the annual Digital Humanities conference–and to provide access to any non-confidential information requested by the Task Force.

The Working Group will facilitate processes with respect to communications via ADHO channels, the allocation of funds to support Task Force activities, and the governance steps needed to make changes to processes and policies. It will seek to enlist the assistance of COB representatives in liaising with the Constituent Organizations themselves who are the most common point of contact with individual members of the ADHO community.

The Working Group may change its name to parallel that of the Task Force, if the latter adopts a new name, to indicate their relationship. The initial term of the Working Group will be two years, at which time, taking into account the recommendation of the Task Force, the ADHO COB will decide whether to extend the Working Group’s term or take some other action, such as converting it to a standing committee or disbanding it. These and the above aspects of the Working Group may be modified in response to the support framework requested by the Task Force.


The ADHO Working Group is comprised of Susan Brown (ADHO COB President-Elect, co-ordinator), Kathleen Fitzpatrick (ACH representative), Isabel Galina (ADHO COB President, ex officio), Fatiha Idmhand (ADHO COB Secretary, ex officio), Hannah Jacobs (ADHO Communications Officer), and Cecily Raynor (ADHO Multilingualism and Multiculturalism Committee Chair).

The initial term of membership is two years from September 2021, with the possibility for renewal no more than once to ensure turnover in the Working Group. Newly added COB members are welcome to join the Working Group, and may take the place of existing members.