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Become a Constituent Organization of ADHO:

Why become a Constituent Organization of ADHO?

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) promotes digital research and teaching across the humanities, serving as an umbrella organization for Constituent Organizations (COs). We are dedicated to becoming a truly international alliance and welcome regional and international digital humanities organizations. Benefits of becoming a Constituent Organization (CO) of ADHO include:

  • Providing all of these benefits to your individual members;
  • Full and equal representation on ADHO’s Constituent Organizations Board;
  • Opportunities to nominate members from your organization to serve on ADHO’s Executive Board and other standing and ad hoc committees;
  • In-name sponsorship opportunities for your organization’s events and conferences;
  • Broadcasting your events, projects, and research to a wider audience with assistance from ADHO’s Communications Team;
  • Opportunities for your members to bid to host the annual Digital Humanities conference;
  • Opportunities to apply for one-time project-based funding from ADHO;
  • Discounted registration fees for your members at conferences sponsored by ADHO;
  • Your members can become involved with ADHO Special Interest Groups;
  • Your members support open access publications;
  • Your organization may optionally register members through a subscription to DSH: Digital Scholarship in the Humanities.

How does my organization become a Constituent Organization of ADHO?

To apply to become a Constituent Organization (CO) of ADHO, please contact with an initial expression of interest. Following that, a member of the committee will be appointed to guide the prospective CO through the Admissions Protocol.

Frequently Asked Questions

This information is based on an outdated version of the Admissions protocol, to be updated soon.

Whom do I contact with questions about my organization applying to become a Constituent Organization of ADHO?

For inquiries and guidance through the process of becoming a CO, please send an inquiry to

What are the eligibility requirements for becoming an ADHO Constituent Organization?

Adapted from the Governance Protocol (under revision 2021-22):

Nature and selection of ADHO constituents:

  1. ADHO is an alliance of Constituent Organizations.
  2. New Constituent Organizations will be admitted by unanimous vote of the ADHO Constituent Organizations Board (COB).
  3. ADHO Constituent Organizations are focused on digital scholarship in the humanities.
  4. Membership within ADHO Constituent Organizations may be based on individual membership or on appropriately defined institutional membership.
  5. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) may be affiliated either with ADHO or with a particular Constituent Organization, as appropriate and as negotiated at the time of each SIG’s approval.  

How long does it take to become a Constituent Organization of ADHO?

There is no set timeline to be admitted as a Constituent Organization of ADHO. However, the steps for admittance usually take 2 to 3 years.

Adapted from the Admissions Protocol, the admittance steps are:

  1. The interested organization submits an expression of interest to become part of ADHO to
  2. One or more persons nominated from the interested organization meet with one or more members of the ADHO Admissions Committee for a preliminary discussion.
  3. The interested organization prepares an initial application in collaboration with the ADHO Admissions Committee.
  4. The ADHO Admissions Committee evaluates the initial application and submits a report to the Constituent Organizations Board. The report includes one or more financial models showing the projected consequences both for the applicant organization and for ADHO if the applicant organization were admitted on the basis proposed in the draft application.
  5. The ADHO Admissions Committee prepares and submits a formal response to the initial application, raising questions or proposing changes. At this or any subsequent stage, the ADHO Constituent Organizations Board may, on the recommendation of the Admissions Committee, invite the applicant organization to nominate a representative to join the ADHO Constituent Organizations Board in a non-voting observer capacity.
  6. Iteration of steps 1-5 as many times as each party feels will be useful.
  7. The Admissions Committee submits the final application to the ADHO Constituent Organizations Board on behalf of the applicant organization.
  8. The ADHO Constituent Organizations Board takes a final decision. The applicant organization and the existing ADHO COs (through the Constituent Organizations Board) ratify the decision.

Yes, ADHO has legal standing as the Stichting ADHO Foundation, a charitable organization established in the Netherlands in 2013.

How is my organization represented in ADHO?

The Constituent Organizations Board (COB) is ADHO’s governing body, and it votes to enact policies to the benefit of the Alliance and of all of ADHO’s Constituent Organizations (CO). The COB is composed of one representative from each of ADHO’s COs and is led by a president who is elected by the COB from among its representatives. The COB conducts its business throughout the year over email, and meets in person (when possible) at least once a year, usually during the annual Digital Humanities conference. More details on ADHO governance, including an organigram, are available here.